New CREATE Collection - Now Available!!

The CREATE Collection - derives from Genesis 1:27 " So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them'," putting an emphasis on the message of us, Believers, being "Creative" image bearers of Christ.

Special features include:

  • Front - "CREATE" raised to the third power & "CREATOR x CREATION x CREATIVE"

I came up with the design for CREATE collection in 2022 at a time where I was constantly comparing my creativity to others. I didn't deem myself as "creative" because I wasn't a singer, artist, writer, etc. However, when the Lord took me back to how creation began and how we were made, I quickly debunked that thought and was reminded that with God being Thee Creator, us being His Creation (being made in His image and likeness), that must make us [Believers] creative. And whatever unique abilities God has given us to be creative, is a form of worship back to Him. So this collection is dedicated [but not limited] to everyone that didn't previously identify themselves as creative! Your "creativity" is needed and a gift back to Him.

-Tiana Burks | CEO

The CREATE Collection was created as a reminder that we are each creative, in our own unique way, because we were made in the Creator's image and likeness!