mepludGod. Crewneck - Preorder Now!

The SELAH Collection - derives from the word  'Selah', frequently found in the Book of Psalms (about seventy-four times in all in Scripture) meaning "silence" or "pause;" 

Special features include:

  • Unique "Selah" design across front chest
  • Two stripes "II" on back with dual meaning

I chose Selah because it’s sort of a taboo word (especially in church lol) but my understanding is that it means to pause and/or reflect. That’s a lot of what I have experienced in this year and I’m sure many of you can relate. On the back, you will notice there are two stripes which have a two-part meaning: they represent our 2nd anniversary for Me+God & it can also be seen as an actual pause symbol.

-Tiana Burks | CEO

The Selah Collection was created as a reminder to pause and reflect on all that God has brought you through!